West Hollow Middle School



Letter Grade Number Grade GPA Honor Roll
A+ 95 - 100 4.5 High Honor Roll
A 90 - 94.9 4.0 High Honor Roll
B+ 85 - 89.9 3.5 Honor Roll
B 80 - 84.9 3.0  
C+ 75 - 79.9 2.5  
C 70 - 74.9 2.0  
D 65 - 69.9 1.0  
F Below 65    



Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  The Honor Society is limited to 7th and 8th grade students.  The selection process begins mid-year and induction into the society takes place in the spring.  Final decisions are based on the Faculty Council recommendations.

At the conclusion of the second marking period, the counselors prepare a list of eligible candidates.  The candidates then meet with the faculty advisor to the National Junior Honor Society to complete information packets that include an application, profile sheet, teacher recommendations, and service activity verifications.  Completed packets are then reviewed and Honor Society members are selected.