Canvas Information

How do I log into canvas?

Click the link below:

HHH students should access Canvas through Clever for SSO, but if you need the URL for direct login here it is:

Student ID is your user name, and your password is your initials and birthdate in the DDMMYY format.

For example:

Username: 002345689

Password: js031510

How do I get the app on my phone?


To set up so that you receive announcements/notifications to your cell phone:

1. In settings, under ways to contact (upper right hand side of the screen), click on the +email address

2. Click text (sms)

3. Enter cell number

4. Enter carrier

5. Enter your email address

6. Click Register

Canvas tutorials

TO Set up google drive access:

  1. Click "Account"
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. In other services, click "Google Drive"
  4. Click "Authorize Google Drive Access"
  5. Sign in to your HHH Google Account
  6. Once completed you will see Google Drive Access under Registered Services