The Office of Instructional Computing is pleased to announce the introduction of a new technology support system. HHH staff members are asked to use this system to have questions and problems addressed related to educational technologies.

Remember, your building Tech-Point person is your first line of defense in network account, equipment, and supply issues as well as technology integration!

Computer point people will now address integration, network account issues and equipment issues.

Tech-Point People by School




HS East
Romana Ali
Romana Ali

HS West
Gina DeLuise
Gina DeLuise

Phyllis Rios
Phyllis Rios

West Hollow
Dawn Montelle
Dawn Montelle

Terri Flynn
Danielle Weber
Erin Walsh
Joanna Bartolomeo

Signal Hill
Sue Davis
Karen Perepezko
Moira Haltigan
Terri Mitchell

Joanne Burghard
Joanne Burghard

For Tech-Point Personnel ONLY: Click Here to Access the Database

(You will need your username and password to enter the site)

Click Here to view an instructional video on how to enter tickets