SE Photo and Media Arts Students Mentor Otsego Students

in a Collaborative Project with the Heckscher Museum

Inspired by the word "reflection" 4th graders created digital kaleidescopes with photograms and scan-o-grams in the HSE photo darkroom and the digital art lab - their amazing work was on exhibit at the Heckscher Museum

HSE Architecture Club and Signal Hill 4th Collaborate

Marianne Mead's Architecture club joined with Mrs. Giammalvo's 4th grade class to collaborate on an experimental wood block car project. Architecture club Vice President Kelli Jablon organized an activity where club members designed a prototype car that propels forward using a sail and air force created by standanrd box fans. Club members cut the wood block cars into triangular shapes and then drilled mulitple holes in the top of each car to prepare for the 4th graders to experiment with inserting one or more sails.