Wilson Tech & Trade/Vocational Schools


Career and Technical Education (CTE)


At Wilson Tech, high school students and adults can learn the skills that are needed in the workplace. Students learn technical skills such as how to operate or repair a computer, how to design a building or dress, how to cut and color hair or troubleshoot automotive issues.  Additionally, you will gain life skills to be a useful and successful team member wherever you work!


Wilson Tech offers different levels of programs to meet the needs of students. They are NOT a Special Education program, but still acknowledge and meet the needs of all different learners. They offer mainstream CTE courses, Skills Level CTE courses (smaller courses with more differentiation) and Exploratory Level courses. Students who are interested in these programs should see their school counselor for further information.

*Please note that Exploratory Courses require a separate application process*


If a student is interested in attending a program at the Wilson Tech Center, they must complete the process described below:

  • Students will fill out an application in which they explain how the Wilson Tech program fits their career choice and post high school plans
  • The parent and student will meet with the counselor to review the career plan and determine if Wilson Tech is a viable option for the student
  • Student progress will be assessed by November 1st of the school year for continuance in respective program
  • Year 1 Wilson Tech students must complete the above process to receive permission to continue into Year 2. Any student who fails year 1, cannot return.