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"One of the words heard most often in recent years is “communication.” As adults, we see the importance of it in our daily lives. Our 5th grade children are at an age where we need to be involved because of the choices that lie ahead of them. Communication should increase as they get older but more often the direction is in reverse.


It is with this in mind that I invite you to bring your son to his school where discussion will center on the change from: Boy to Young Man. The evening will allow every boy the opportunity to attend with a significant male adult in his life – father, guardian, an uncle, grandparent or older brother, but every fifth grade boy should have the opportunity to communicate with a significant adult in his life. I encourage only adult males to attend with the boys. Our past experiences have shown that it is as important for adults as it is for the child to attend this evening together.


The presenter will be a district health/physical education teacher. He can serve as a resource to both adults and students within our school district on this topic. The idea of the evening is to open communication with our children so that we can talk about tough issues when they are teenagers. Adults as well as children begin to feel comfortable as they commence to talk with each other and this interaction will pay many dividends not only in a few years but also throughout life."


One last districtwide 4th & 5th grade Girl to Young Woman Maturity Presentation will take place this spring.

This presentation is offered districtwide to 4th grade girls who may be maturing sooner and may benefit from the information in this program and for any 5th Grade girl who may have missed the program at their school.




Day/ Date



Jennifer Friaglia

April 20, 2023

7:00 p.m. Cafeteria

Otsego Jennifer Friaglia April 24, 2023

7:00 p.m.




Please contact the office of Mr. Patrick Murphy (592-3067 or 592-3373) if you have any questions regarding the Family Life Program.


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