Senior Awards


Congratulations to our 2023 Suffolk Zone Senior Award Winners!



Senior Award

Our Physical Education Program honors the senior class by participating in the Suffolk Zone Awards. The Suffolk Zone Awards is a time for all high schools in Suffolk County to honor a top female and top male student that displays excellence in physical education achievement in the following areas:

  1. Physical Education Achievement: The student earns an “A” average or has earned above a “90” in high school physical education classes.
  1. Scholastically Sound: This student earns an overall grade point average of 3.0 (“B”) on a 4.0 (“A”) scale at the completion of his/her 11th grade year. The student continues at his/her potential during their senior year.
  1. Outstanding Character: This student contributes to the overall positive outcome of their physical education class as well as their school. This student makes an outstanding effort to be cooperative, honest, poised, self-confident, attentive, industrious and enthusiastic toward all class activities. In addition, this student is always working to support the instructional efforts of the class.
  1. Physical Education Leader: This student is a leader in class activities and demonstrates the ability to accept responsibility for regular class tasks.
  1. School-wide Activities as a “Leader”: This student should be active in a leadership capacity within and/or outside the school environment as:

a. Officer in an organization

b. President of a club

c. Active as a member of a school or community group

d. Volunteer for a support group such as Special Olympics, Athletes helping Athletes, etc.

e. Captain of a team

  1. Role Model: This student achieves a high level of physical fitness as determined by individual accomplishments on the test battery recognized by the district. In physical education class, this student demonstrates a positive attitude toward the instructional activity and provides support for the success of others. This is the student that teachers and students look to as “living” a healthy lifestyle inside school as well as in the community.


Our students are chosen based on the criteria listed above and by the Physical Education Staff.