HHH staff and members of the TEAM Masters Program try their hand at
podcasting from the Heckscher Museum in Huntington

The Half Hollow Hills School District has a unique partnership with LIU Post and the College of Education, Information and Technology in which a Master’s in Educational Technology is offered at a reduced tuition rate to District staff members.
The Masters (formerly known as T.E.A.M.) program is one of the most important degrees an educator/learner can acquire in these extremely changing times, especially as technology affects teaching and learning. On the practical side the M.S. Program:

  • is a 30 credit, unique, twenty month program culminating in a Master's of Science degree in Education Technology.
  • is offered in a blended format – a mix of face to face and online instruction.
  • is comprised of cohorts of about 15 to 20 students selected from educators interested in playing key roles in shaping and building learning communities for the 21st century.
  • is a collaborative, constructivist, knowledge building model for teaching and learning.

Graduates emerge as teachers with expertise in using and applying web-based tools for 21st century communications, content creation and access, and personal and group learning in a virtual world. These skills transform and enrich a variety of teaching and learning experiences. Graduates can still teach music, math, history, English, or their area of specialty, but they will teach it with greater creativity and a wider knowledge of learning applications that incorporate current and emerging technologies.
The graduate students’ varied backgrounds and disciplines make for a rich and rewarding experience. Cohorts work equally well with varied technology expertise. This dynamic enhances the overall classroom experience and strengthens the learning experience for all.

The Program aligns with . . .

The Program is learner-centered, creating multiple learning environments where learners work individually and collaboratively, in person and online.


  • Those who have New York State initial certification will be eligible for NYS professional certification in their initial certification area with the master's degree program
  • Those who have New York State initial or professional certification will be eligible for NYS certification as an Educational Technology Specialist, after successful completion of the program and with a passing grade on the NYS Educational Technology Specialist test (CST 71)
A new cohort began in Fall 2018. IF you are interested in a future cohort, please contact Dr. Bette Schneiderman at bes@liu.edu.