Awards and Commendations


2024 FBLA business competition


Congratulations to the following students who placed in their competitive events for the FBLA SDM Competition!


1st Place

Jaiden Muniz (Organizational Leadership)

Mia Bordwin (Public Policy/Advocacy)

Becca Lupion (Sports/Entertainment MKT)


2nd Place

Mia Bordwin (Hospitality Services)

Ryan Tannor (Intro to FBLA)

Julia Zaremsky (Marketing)

Charli Jassey (Organizational Leadership)

Christina Saitzyk (Personal Finance)


3rd Place

Charli Jassey (Sports/Entertainment MKT)

Christina Saitzyk (Banking/Financial Systems)

Nicole Vezzi (Business Law)

Prabani Singh (Business Law)

Ellina Koo (Hospitality MGT)


4th Place

Jake Chafetz (Client Services)


6th Place

Ryan Lashin (Public Speaking)





The Hills East DECA Business Team competed in January at the DECA Suffolk County Regional Competition. This year's event was extremely competitive, as the Top 10 winners qualified in many categories that had upwards of 50/60 people in them.


The team had 18 state qualifiers, many of whom finished in the Top 5 in their categories!  All of the winners will compete at the NY DECA State Competition in March in Rochester, NY.  


State Competition Qualifiers


Individual Events-

Alec Abrams

Isaac Abrams

Mia Bordwin - 4th Place

Jenna Danker

Jack Gidseg - 2nd Place

Akash Shah - 4th Place

Hamza Siddique

Sehaj Singh

Sydney Steinfeld

Ben Stern - 2nd Place


Team Events-

Jake Bornstein & Austin Schermer - 2nd Place

Zach Hirshhorn & Cody Tannenbaum - 5th Place

Charli Jassey & Becca Lupion - 1st Place

Ava Sobel & Julia Zaremsky 





Congratulations to the following students for participating in the Ready. Set. Lead. Business Competition hosted by St. Joseph's University on November 29, 2023. The annual competition challenges students to demonstrate their business skills and knowledge through a series of business-related scenarios and topics ranging from sports marketing to entrepreneurship and design. Hills East competed against other business students throughout Suffolk and Nassau County.  Hills East had 12 students compete and walked away with 11 medals! 


1st Place 

Mia Bordwin  - Sports & Entertainment Marketing


2nd Place

Ellina Koo - Hospitality & Tourism

Prabani Singh - Hospitality & Tourism

Becca Lupion - Retail Marketing

Charli Jassey - Retail Marketing

Maryam Adesina - Entrepreneurship


3rd Place

Prabani Singh - Job Interview

Brett Schuster - Entrepreneurship

Jack Schuster - Entrepreneurship

Ben Stern - Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Jake Bornstein - Sports & Entertainment Marketing 




Congratulations to the following students who competed and placed at the New York State Economic Challenge on April 13th at Wells Fargo Bank in NYC. The teams competed against other schools in both a presentation and quiz bowl.


Adam Smith Division 4th Place

Team DaMen: Mia Bordwin, Austin Schermer & Ben Stern 


Don Ricardo Division 2nd Place

Team Business Heros: Ellina Koo, Prabani Singh, Gurvani Singh


national personal finance challenge 2023


Congratulations to the following team that placed in the National Personal Finance Challenge for NYS. They placed 2nd out of 171 teams.


Team: The Business Bears: Dylan Rosenberg, Ethan Cohen, Jack Zaremsky & Hamza Masood





Below are the winners from the annual King of the Hills Business Competition at HSW on April 20th. There were 24 teams that competed between HSE and HSW.  HSE had 9 of the Top 10 move forward to the final round.  HSE ended with 5 teams placing in the Top 5 and a Best Logo Winner.


1st Place: Aidan Rubin & Ryan Lashin (White Blossom Toothstick)

2nd Place: Samantha Cohon, Jessica Gelman, Mari Kapovic, Ariel Paraskevopoulos 

(Dorming Together)

3rd Place: Jack Gidsig, Alec Abrams, Jack Schuster (Tppr.)

4th Place: Becca Lupin, Charli Jassey, Julia Zaremsky (Closetfresh)

5th Place: Mia Bordwin & Ava Sobel (The Fracket)

Best Logo: Sydney Harris & Brianna Plaisance (Igloo Pizza Co.)




Hills West

6 High School West students competed with approximately 2,500 students at the New York State DECA competition. There were over 50 business categories that included a formal exam and a verbal role-play in front of several judges. 


Congratulations to Ethan Clyde-Milewski, Abigail George, Yana Dhingra, Kaitlyn Sangese, Evan Deutsch and Hudson Slutsky for doing a great job representing Hills West. Evan Deutsch received a medal and finished in the top 10 in the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series exam.


We look forward to another successful DECA competition in the 2023-2024 school year!


DECA suffolk regional COMPETITION 2023


Once again the HSE Deca Squad won big at the Suffolk Regional Competition. We had 27 winners (All finishing in the Top 10 in Suffolk County) that qualified for the State Competition, March 7-10 in Rochester, NY.


Individual Events

Alec Abrams - 5th Place - Entrepreneurship

Arjandeep Chahal - Automotive Marketing

Austin Schermer - Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Ava Sobel - Human Resource Management

Avinash Rambaran - Principles of Business Management

Carla Nimeh - Principles of Business Management

Ethan Cohen - 3rd Place Personal Financial Literacy

Hamza Masood - 4th Place - Restaurant & Food Service Management

Isaac Abrams - Entrepreneurship

Jack Gidseg - Retail Merchandising

Jake Bornstein - 3rd Place - Retail Merchandising

Jessica Gelman - 3rd Place - Restaurant & Food Service Management

Julia Zaremsky - Hotel & Lodging Management

Mia Bordwin - Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Preet Anand - Personal Financial Literacy

Sydney Steinfeld - Apparel & Accessories Marketing

Thomas Capobianco - Accounting


Team Events

Becca Lupion/Charli Jassey - 3rd Place - Sports Marketing

Dylan Rosenberg/Jack Zaremsky - 1st Place - Sports Marketing

Hamza Siddique/William Santiago - 4th Place - Business Law

Luke Gottleib/Cole Manus - Marketing Management

Shayna Swersky/Rabani Arneja - Marketing Management



The HSW DECA students performed well at the Suffolk Regional Competition. We had 12 winners (All finishing in the Top 10 in Suffolk County) including 2 - 1st place winners and 1 - 2nd place winner that qualified for the State Competition.


Individual Events
Hudson Slutsky - Principles of Finance 
Neena Paulson - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism – 1st place
Zara Nawaz - Business Finance Series Event 
Michelle Fung - Apparel Accessories Marketing Series  
Evan Deutsch - Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series – 2nd place
Andrew Rosenthal - Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series – 4th place
Luke Guttman - Personal Financial Literacy - 1st place
Aren Bedrossian - Personal Financial Literacy


Team Events

Yana Dhingra - Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Kaitlyn Sangese - Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making 
Ethan Clyde-milewski - Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Abigail George - Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making




Congratulations to the following winners in the Spring District Meeting FBLA Business Competition.  The following students competed in either an online written event or an in-person performance event at Hofstra University.  They did a great job at representing HS East.  22 students competed with 16 of those students placing as top winners in their events!




3rd Place
Ben Stern - Impromptu Speaking

4th Place
Mia Bordwin - Public Speaking Prepared 2
Arsh Wadhwa - Public Speaking Prepared 1
Ryan Lashin - Client Services




1st Place
Noah Berlin - Accounting
Austin Schermer - Business Law
Dylan Rosenberg - Economics
Noah Kaye - Intro to Financial Math
Phybe Nadboy - Sports & Entertainment Marketing

2nd Place
Christina Saitzyk - Banking & Financial Systems
Charli Jassey - Hospitality Management
Sydney Steinfeld - Hospitality Management 
Jake Bornstein - Marketing
Booke Muscolino - Sports & Entertainment Marketing

3rd Place
Nicole Vezzi - Banking & Financial Systems
Ellina Koo - Marketing



emerging leaders business competition

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the 20th Annual Emerging Leaders Business Competition on November 30, 2022 at St. Joseph's University.  HS East had 5 students place in their competitive event.  There were a total of 14 Long Island high schools with over 300 students competing.


This competition challenges high school students to think beyond the scope of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities in a business environment.  Students will use their understanding of business to address given tasks and current issues in their category of choice.


1st Place

Jake Bornstein and Ben Stern (Sports Marketing)


3rd Place

Ellina Koo and Prabani Singh (Retail Marketing)


3rd Place

Drew Tannenbaum (Job Interview)