Interested in Playing a Fall Varsity or JV Sport?

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Interested in playing a MS Fall Sport

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Please read carefully, and follow necessary steps to complete the proper paperwork mandatory for any student considering a fall sport.

Return the forms only to the school nurse during the hours listed above. If you have ANY questions, please call the above telephone numbers and ONLY during designated hours. Voice messages

are irretrievable.




Medical Forms

  • Interval Health History Form (click HERE)
    • Hand to coach on the first day of practice (FALL ONLY)
  • Pre-Participation Form (click HERE)
    • Filled out by parent when the physical is completed and reviewed/signed by doctor
  • Student Health Exam form (click HERE)
    • School Physical form - must be used by our school doctor and ALL private physicians (once a school year)
  • WHITE CARD (click HERE)
    • Must be completed and filled out with the Sports Physical Form


Important Information regarding Athletic Physicals

As per the New York State Education Department, "A student who may engage in interschool competition shall receive an adequate health examination and healthy history update when required, and may not practice or participate without the approval of the school medical officer." Therefor to be in compliance with the NYS Education Department, if you choose to bring your child to a physician who is not a School District Doctor, we must have your child’s physical signed off by a Board of Education Approved School Medical Officer.


Students that require Epi pens, inhalers and other medications such as insulin and glucagon are not permitted to participate without written permission to self-carry by their parent AND doctor.

Click HERE for the Medication Self-Carry Form

All students interested in participating in an interscholastic athletic program must receive medical clearance prior to tryouts. Before you make an appointment with any physician for an examination, you should speak with our school district nurse about regulations and guidelines that must be followed.

Only the Half Hollow Hills YELLOW Pre-Participation Form and Physical Examination Form will be used for medical clearance. All forms must be picked up from the nurse, completed then returned to the nurse. Other forms from private physicians will not be accepted. No faxed or attached physical forms will be accepted.

Do not return any medical clearance forms to the Athletic Office or the Pupil Personnel Office @ Central Office. Also be advised that no one at the building level other than the school nurse will assume responsibility for these forms. Return the forms only to the nurse.

Athletic Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Half Hollow Hills District Athletic Program is to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience with an atmosphere of sportsmanship. We strive to develop and realize individual and team potential by promoting high standards of competence, character, civility and citizenship.

The Half Hollow Hills Central School District understands that interscholastic athletics are a significant part of the educational process. The combination of academics and athletics enhances the quality of students’ lives and expands their options for learning and personal growth. Athletics provide an educational opportunity in which students can learn essential life lessons beyond those that can be learned in an academic classroom.

The interscholastic competitive environment provides an opportunity for our participants to learn positive life skills, values and ethics in a climate that demands dedication, responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, positive work ethic and respect for others. This program provides an opportunity for all to share their common interests, to celebrate their differences, and to appreciate physical competition as a lifelong process.

All involved in the program must show a personal commitment to the goals of the team, and make the personal sacrifices necessary in order to achieve success. Making such a commitment to excellence nurtures a sense of pride, loyalty and leadership qualities in an athlete, enabling the individual to become more resilient and better prepared to face life’s challenges. This unique experience allows students to achieve their full potential as students, athletes, and citizens.

It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory. However, the number of victories is only one measure of success. Ultimately, the real challenge is guiding the individual and the team to reach full potential. This is the true measure of achievement. The competitive athletic environment is one that demands respect for a full effort, and applause for those who rise to the challenge and accept the risk of defeat. Those who are successful in life are those who have learned to embrace challenge, and take personal risks. Dedication and self-sacrifice on the athletic field does not always result in victory over the opponent. However, if one strives towards reaching full potential, with a passion and perseverance, personal victories that last a lifetime are the end reward, even though the win-loss record may not always meet expectations.

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