Academically High Aptitude Program (AHAP)





What the students are saying:


"It’s a place where we face challenges, learn new concepts, express our creativity, and reach our full potentials, together; as one big family." - Kaleigh S


"AHAP has taught me to be proactive and to do what you can to help others and make a difference. It has helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses, taught me to make the best of any situation and never give up no matter how long it takes to achieve my goals." - Bradley S


"AHAP is where kids go to be creative and solve problems as a team. AHAP is a place to learn, grow, explore, and think critically." - Delina A


"AHAP truly pushed my classmates and me through important life lessons; some that brought us down, some that brought us up, and all of them that brought us closer together. These experiences will leave an imprint on not just our brains, but our hearts, too." - Olivia G



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