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Welcome to the Half Hollow Hills High School East homepage, a site to highlight, inform and celebrate everything that is High School East. As we move towards a more technological-based society, you will find greater usage of technology inside the classroom as a part of our instructional programs as well as administratively. It is our belief that greater familiarity with these technologies will create a more knowledgeable school community better prepared to navigate a world that is immersed in these ever-changing resources. High School East serves approximately 1,750 students on over a 100-arce campus in the suburbs of Western Suffolk County. Boasting an array of impressive facilities, from our state-of-the art Planetarium, MakerSpace and Robotics Labs, our recently constructed Recording and Production Studios to our impressive 2,000 seat auditorium, High School East remains on the cutting edge with the goal of continually enhancing the student experience and service to our school community. As one of the finest educational settings, High School East annually receives local and national recognition as one of the best high schools in the country. As that ranking denotes our vast scholarly achievements, in which we take great pride, High School East offers an extremely well-rounded program. The wide variety of extracurricular options provide a wealth of pathways for students to follow their passions along with a strong interscholastic athletic program that greatly complements our rich pallet of academic offerings, as there are literally no boundaries to the extent of one’s experiences. Just as much as we encourage students to pursue activities that cater to their interests, we believe that these experiences also promote healthy social interactions amongst peers and adults as well as cultivate the characteristics our student body will need to be tomorrow’s leaders.

James Baldwin said, “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” We are the Thunderbirds! According to folklore, the Thunderbird, is a mythical creature to the indigenous peoples of our country which was considered to be supernatural, holding great power and strength. Perhaps most notably, the Thunderbird is known to embody a variety of facets and features. Similar to that spirit, High School East enjoys a diverse school community that we continually look to support, embrace and celebrate. Additionally, whether you began your journey as a kindergartener or joined the Half Hollow Hills family along the way . . . everyone brings value and importance to the school community. Although its foundation of bricks and mortar compose a grand physical structure, it is the collective passion, thoughts and above all . . . your spirit that make High School East truly come to life. It’s an honor to be part of an institution steeped in such a rich tradition of excellence and I look forward to an amazing school year!

Milton K. Strong, Ed. D.


Dr. Milton K. Strong, Principal (631) 592-3100

Brett Kindelmann, Assistant Principal (631) 592-3108

Paul Perskin, Assistant Principal (631) 592-3115

Shaun Hantzschel, Assistant Principal (631) 592-3129

Naimah Trotter, Assistant Principal (631) 592-3128

Mary Ann Dolley, Nurse (631) 592-3101

Diane Schebece, Nurse (631) 592-3101

Attendance (631) 592-3135

Guidance (631) 592-3150

Recent Recognitions

We The People

Congratulations to the We The People team for coming in first place at the NY State We The People Competition.

Stock Market Game Winners 2019

Congratulations to Hills East's Ryan Salzhauer, Tyler Zaremsky and Emma Bieler on finishing in the Top 25 in New York State in the Official Stock Market Game Challenge! The students applied their knowledge from the financial literacy curriculum to "invest" $100,000 in the market and look to gain the biggest returns.