Welcome to the Half Hollow Hills High School East homepage, a site to highlight, inform and celebrate everything that is High School East. As one of the finest educational settings in the country, High School East annually receives recognition at the local, state and national level for both individual and collective achievements. James Baldwin said, “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” We are the Thunderbirds! According to folklore, the Thunderbird, is a mythical creature which was considered to be supernatural; holding great power and strength. Perhaps most notably, the Thunderbird is known to embody a variety of facets and features. Similar to that spirit, High School East enjoys a diverse school community that we continually look to honor and embrace. Everyone brings value and importance to our school community, for it is the collective passions, thoughts and spirit that make High School East truly come to life.

Milton K. Strong, Ed. D.



High School East Mathletes

Congratulations to our 2019 Mathletes who tied for 1st place in Suffolk County (10th in State).  We had great team and individual accomplishments worthy of recognition.

1st Place Tie in Suffolk County for the New York Math League - Jared Bank, Rinni Bhansali  (3rd highest score in state), Kevin Hoxha, Kaitlyn Hoxha, Chase Keskinyan, Arya Khan, Calia Kugler, Sophia Lerebours, Jillian Martin, Jay Nagpal, AJ Nambiar, Daniel Salkinder (2nd highest score in state), Suraj Sharma, Sohan Shetty, Samantha Tran

Perfect Score 1st Place Tie in Algebra Contest - Daniel Salkinder, Suraj Sharma

Mandelbrot Competition Top Scorers - Tier 1 include Rinni Bhansali and Daniel Salkinder, Tier 2 include Suraj Sharma and Kevin Hoxha, Tier 3 include Jared Bank.

St. Joseph College Regional High School Computer Programming Contest

Congratulations to the three teams from HS East's Computer Club who competed with 50 teams from Long Island and NYC.  The team of Dylan Weber, Kyle Diaz, and Kevin Hoxha finished in 2nd place finishing just behind the first place team.  High School East students Calia Kugler, Devin Kosches, Alex Liu, Cameron Grieco, Aryan Sharma, and Andrew Menkes made up the other teams who competed.