Welcome to the official website of Half Hollow Hills High School East, a platform dedicated to showcasing, informing, and celebrating all aspects of our esteemed high school.  Recognized locally, statewide, and nationally for outstanding individual and collective accomplishments, High School East stands as one of the top educational institutions in the country.  Our school environment reflects a vibrant and diverse community that we profoundly honor and embrace.  We firmly believe that every individual contributes value and significance to our school community, as it is through the collective passions, ideas, and spirit that High School East truly excels.  In the words of James Baldwin, "Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go."  In alignment with this powerful sentiment, Hills East continues to shine as a symbol of excellence both near and far, a distinction we should all proudly celebrate . . . welcome to High School East!


Milton K. Strong, Ed. D.



Congratulations to the 2024 Hills East Top 20!

Congratulations to the Top 20 students from Hills East! The 2024 Hills East valedictorian is Jayden Neidell and the salutatorian is Jaimie Mohiuddin.

Rounding out the Top 20 from East are Rishi Aravind, Mia Bordwin, Angelina D’Amico, Nicole Frankel, Jack Gidseg, Nathan Glick, Jack Goldfried, Aidan Joseph, Jaclyn Kalina, Alexandra Lerner, Jash Mody, Michelle Morales, Ryan Parkes, Justin Roberts, Stasya Selizhuk, Ava Sobel, Skylar Sukoff & Ella Woods.