Transportation is provided to District schools for all students K-12, regardless of where they reside within the school district. Transportation is also provided for all students attending private and parochial schools up to a distance of 15 miles from home to school. Requests for transportation to private and parochial schools must be received by the Transportation Department no later than April 1st for the following school year. The request form below provides further information.

Parents are urged to instruct their children in the rules of proper bus behavior. The District reserves the right to suspend the privilege of bus transportation for students who threaten the safety and well-being of themselves, other children, the bus driver or the bus itself. Click here for a handy reference guide on District Transportation. Please be aware that video cameras may be used on buses to help monitor activities and to reinforce acceptable behavior.


Your child’s bus route information will be available on Infinite Campus via the Parent Portal. Hard copies of the bus pass letter are only mailed to incoming Kindergarten students.

Transportation Guidelines

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!
We’re so glad to have you back!

The “Bus Route Information” tab in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal will show your child’s bus stop location and time. The arrival time for the bus is an estimate for the first few weeks of school until normal routing is established by the bus driver. When after school activities resume, you will find those activity bus routes posted on your child’s school website.

The following guidelines are in place for everyone’s safety. Please ensure your child is aware of these safety protocols and understands how to follow them.

  • To responsibly manage the transportation budget and follow all re-opening safety requirements, it is important that bus stops and routes established by the District be strictly adhered to.

  • Students must arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the estimated bus arrival time.

  • Students are required to maintain proper social distancing at the bus stop, while entering the bus, and on the bus itself.

  • It is requested that students from the same household sit together in a bench.

  • Students are required to wear masks on the bus for the entire duration of the trip.

  • Students need to be at their assigned bus stop only since each bus seat is accounted for.

  • Students are not to wait inside their homes for the bus to arrive; students who are not at their assigned bus stop when the bus arrives will risk missing their bus. For everyone’s safety and the efficient operation of the transportation program, bus drivers cannot delay the route while waiting for a student to arrive at the stop.

With the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State Education Department allowing greater bus capacities, bus drivers will continue to disinfect their buses daily. Our goal is to resume normal arrival and dismissal times to maximize instruction and we strongly encourage our parents to take advantage of the safe and efficient transportation services offered to you.

The beginning of any new school year comes with the typical arrival, loading and unloading delays; we appreciate your patience with us and each other. Bus riding is a privilege and may be suspended or revoked for inappropriate or dangerous conduct which includes, but is not limited to, a student removing his/her face mask on the bus. Our buses are equipped with video recording devices which may be used to assist the District in identifying instances of questionable behavior.

Throughout the course of the year, should you have concerns regarding routes, pick-up issues, driver information or safety problems, please use the link below so we can respond to you in the most efficient manner:

Alternatively, you can contact the Transportation Department or 631-592-3855. For matters related to behavior concerns on the bus, please contact the appropriate building’s Principal or Assistant Principal.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a safe and healthy school year!



APPLICATIONS is april 1st of each year.

2021-2022 Applications

Click here for electronic application for email submission

Click here for printable application (hard copy)

The application submission deadline for the 2022-2023 school year is April 1, 2022. We will provide both an electronic version and printable version of the application. Please check back here in early 2022 for the application.

Activity & Athletic Routes

Information on the routes will be accessible on the front page of each school.

Transportation Concerns Communication Protocol

The following communication protocol should be followed:

For Concerns Regarding Routes, Pick-Up Issues, Driver Information Or Safety Problems:

Step 1: Transportation Supervisor, 631-592-3855,
Step 2: Ms. Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Facilities, 631-592-3030
Step 3: Ms. Diana Ketcham, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, 631-592-3077

Mr. John O’Farrell, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, 631-592-3020
Step 4: Dr. Patrick Harrigan, Superintendent of Schools, 631-592-3008

For Behavior Concerns On The School Bus:

Step 1: Bus Driver
Step 2: Assistant Principal
Step 3: Principal
Step 4: Ms. Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Facilities, 631-592-3030
Step 5: Ms. Diana Ketcham, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, 631-592-3077
Mr. John O’Farrell, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, 631-592-3020
Step 6: Dr. Patrick Harrigan, Superintendent of Schools, 631-592-3008