The Half Hollow Hills School District makes its facilities available for appropriate community use consistent with Board Policy. At the link below, you will find pertinent policy information regarding use of facilities from the Board of Education as well as the application for requesting use of District facilities.

The District is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved use of facilities application system. The District has contracted with a vendor called School Dude to provide this user-friendly platform.

New User

If you haven’t already been setup as a user in the new system (you would have been notified by the District if you were) then you need to go to the link below, click on “Log in to Request Facility Use” in the upper right hand corner and when the screen changes to the login screen click on “Don’t have an account? Create one. Complete the requested fields. Please jot down the email address and password you have entered because you will need to refer back to this information at a later point if you are approved as a user of this system.

After you complete this step, you will receive an email back from the District approving or denying your application to become an authorized requestor for use of facilities. Approved requestors can now begin entering your usage on behalf of your organization.

Approved User

If you have already been notified by the District that you are an approved user you can begin using the system to request use of facilities.

Click on the link below, on the upper right hand corner click on “Log in to Request Facility Use” and when the screen changes to the login screen enter your email address and your temporary password. Passwords are case sensitive. After logging in, please change this temporary password to one of your choice by clicking on “My Settings.”

Click Here for Half Hollow Hills School District's Use of Facilities Application System