An education-oriented community with high academic expectations, the Half Hollow Hills Central School District is located in a residential area of 50,000 people in the central part of Long Island, approximately 40 miles from New York City. Providing for the education of approximately 7,300 students, the school district has five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Half Hollow Hills High Schools are fully accredited by the New York State Department of Education.


The district is committed to providing all students with opportunities to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts.

The Half Hollow Hills Central School District was organized in 1954 with the merging of three union free school districts and served 1,146 students at that time. The District is more than eight miles wide from east to west and more than four miles wide north to south.
In our quest to become a nationally-recognized school district, we have identified what we feel are the characteristics of a distinguished district:
• Educators continually engage in their own learning.
• Staff knows students well and cares about them as individuals.
• Intellectually challenging and engaging curriculum and instructional practices are differentiated to meet individual needs.
• Equitable opportunities for all students and staff are ensured.
• Student voice is encouraged and heard.
• Close ties with parents, families without children, senior citizens, colleges and universities, and members of the business community are forged.
• Safe, attractive school environments are provided for teaching and learning.
• Teachers have time to work together to improve teaching through collaboration and inquiry.
• Teachers and students are provided with and gain competency in the use of sophisticated leading-edge technologies and instructional/learning tools.
• Each adult member of the school community exhibits good character.
• Clear channels of communication are provided between and among all stakeholders.
• Student achievement is measured in ways that are directly linked to instructional programs.
• All students are effectively prepared for success in college, the world of work, and for active participation as citizens of the community.
• Public recognition is gained for the accomplishments of the district.
• Systemic improvements endure for future generations.
• Successes of the organization and the individual are celebrated.


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