Candlewood Middle School

National Junior Honor Society

Dear Students, Parents, and Families,

We hope everyone is healthy and safe. It has been a very stressful time for everyone and many of you have questions about National Junior Honor Society.

Due to the extended "pause" in school continuing to the end of the academic year, the process for applications for NJHS will reconvene in the Fall. All previously submitted documentation will remain on file for when the process continues.

For current members of NJHS:

Although in years past the deadline for the required 30 hours of community service was the end of March, we recognize that the emergency closing of school on March 13 may have left some members short of that goal or unable to produce the written proof required. Considering the circumstances, we feel it would be appropriate to allow members to pursue community service opportunities online. Several online school clubs and organizations will be actively sharing such opportunities and we encourage students to finish their hours online, keep track of those hours, and submit proof via email.

For current applicants of NJHS:

While the original deadline to submit the online application for NJHS in Google Classroom was March 27, we feel it would be appropriate to reconvene the process for applications in the Fall. This will allow ample time for completion of applications and the selection process. Those who have submitted their application and paperwork would still remain valid. However, those who have not yet submitted their online application may still do so. Current seventh-grade applicants who are selected will be inducted into NJHS in the Fall and current eighth-grade applicants who have moved on to high school will be welcomed back to be inducted as well.

Applicants who fall short of the 10 hours of community service hours would be encouraged to find online opportunities for public service and keep track of those hours. Applicants who have yet to hand in written proof for their hours would be encouraged to contact advisors and coaches via email or phone if possible to obtain proof. If you have written proof of community service hours and activity evaluations, to please email them to Ms. Pilgrim at it is not possible at this time, the written proof may be submitted upon our return to school. Simply put, we ask you to hand in what you can now, and upon good faith, hand in the rest once school reopens.

We realize that this has been a highly unusual year, so we thank you for your patience and understanding as we extend the selection process. We continue to hope for you and your families' safety and health


Leslie Pilgrim and Patricia Hobson,

Candlewood National Junior Honor Society Advisors