District Information and Services

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Directory Information Policy

Unless objection to any of the specific following items of information is submitted in

writing by parents or legal guardians or by those students themselves who are over the age

of 18 years, the Half Hollow Hills School District herewith gives notice of intention to provide,

release or publish in the newsletters, school or student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks or

other publications, daily or weekly newspapers, athletic programs, news releases any or all of

the following information pertaining to students as may be appropriate under the

circumstances: name of student, names of parents, address, age, height, weight, grade,

major field of study, participation in recognized school activities, extracurricular activities and

sports programs, academic honors, achievements, awards, scholarships, and similar

information under Title 45. Parents who do not desire release of any of the above directory

information must make specific requests to the Superintendent of Schools on or before

October 1 of each school year. Failure to make such a request shall be deemed consent to

release, provide or publish the directory information.