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The Hills Foundation

The Hills Foundation
for Enhancement and
Enrichment of Children, Inc.


The Hills Foundation is a not-for-profit organization of community members whose goal is to provide additional financial support independent of the Half Hollow Hills Schools District. The Foundation intends to raise funds and develop resources for educational items, which are not normally part of the school budget, such as: cultural arts projects, capital projects available for use by the general community, general scholastic enrichment and teacher/student exchange programs. Its objective is to enhance cooperation and understanding while encouraging innovation and creativity in meeting the challenges facing the public education system.

2013 – 2014 Hills Foundation Mini Grant Recipients


  • Tara Pinzino/Diane Ihne- "We Are Growing Together"
    • Building on prior work supported by the Hills Foundation the goal of this project is to build a bigger and better garden as Signal Hill to help welcome new students to their school.


  • Marianne Mead- "Architecture Club Animal Shelters"
    • This project is an excellent example of “service learning” putting the student’s architecture skills to use in the community including a local animal shelter.


  • Allyson Uttendorfer - "UNFRAMED - The Art of the Photo Booth"
    • This grant will support the curriculum in AP Art History and at the same time be used to enhance community projects like Safe Halloween.


  • Stefani Nem iroff- "Using Idea Paint to Transform the Classroom"
    • The mathematics classroom will come alive with Idea Paint, creating learning surfaces in new and creative spaces.


  • Nathan Swift - "Music Classroom Presentations Made Easy"
    • Proximity to students and freedom to move about the classroom will be enhanced with remote presentation control.


  • Christyann Parisi - "360 Math Teaching"
    • Students in the co-teaching class will be surrounded with math thanks to new whiteboards and a creative program to engage the senses and have students move around the class as they solve problems.


  • Jessica Dohnert, Leslie Pilgrim & Erica Schultheis -"Making Shakespeare Come Alive"
    • 8th grade English students will dress for success as they are immersed in Shakespeare through costumes and props that will aid in their performance.


  • Layla Vita- "The Eduware Game- An interactive approach to learning"
    • Taking advantage of technology, this grant will help to engage students in a review of their content through games.


  • Nadine Cain - "Recreational Activities for Special Needs Students"
    • Bowling, Basketball, and Air Hockey will be made accessible to our students with special needs with the help of this grant and the skill of our dedicated APE staff.


  • Geraldine Sundermier/Maria Lennon - "The Ups and Downs of Physics"
    • Newton’s Laws of Motion will be on full display with model roller coasters, go motion devices, and creative teachers in their 6th Grade Physics Unit.


  • Stefanie Deringer- "Buzz In"
    • Building on the use of SMART Board Technology, this grant would allow for SMART Responses from students. Using wireless remotes the teacher can instantly assess every student’s understanding.


  • Margaret Grodin- "Empowering Students and Teachers Through Visual Technology"
    • Using a Document Camera will open up the classroom to new visual documents including maps, photographs and graphic organizers harnessing the potential of the visual learner.


  • Becky Merejo - "Student Created Videos/Commercials in Spanish"
    • Culture, technology, geography and language will all be combined as the students present information from around the world with authentic backgrounds as motivation.

The following are some additional programs that we have supported:
Speakers Bureau: Mario Cuomo spoke to over 1000 community members and students on "Terrorism America's Newest Challenge".

  • Student/Staff exchange program with the Beijing Schools.
  • Mini grants awarded to teachers for educational projects annually. Over $30,000 in grants has been awarded thus far.
  • Financially supported two annual Unity Days, "Building Strength Through Diversity".
  • Financially supported two Conference Days of parent workshops hosted by the Parent Academy.

If you are interested in joining the Foundation or if you have any ideas for future projects or fundraisers, please contact Denise Ham at or write to:
The Hills Foundation
c/o 525 Half Hollow Road
Dix Hills, New York 11746.

The Hills Foundation needs your support.

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