Half Hollow Hills
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Middle School Orientation 8/30/2011

All 6th grade orientations at West Hollow and Candlewood Middle School are cancelled for this week.

To better acclimate students to middle school there will be an extended advisory period on Tuesday September 6th.

Parents can log into the parent portal of Infinite Campus to print their child's schedule. Students of parents without access to Infinite Campus will be provided with their schedule on the first day of school.

Student Lockers will be assigned during the extended Advisory Period and time for practice will be allowed. In the afternoon after the first day of school the building will be open for parents who wish to help with locker set up.

Each student schedule lists the Advisory Location under the heading AD, students should report directly to this location when arriving at school. Faculty will be available throughout the building to assist those students without schedules and those needing directions at the start of the school day.

Students who arrive early and enter the school building will be supervised in a designated area until school begins.

All 6th grade teachers, administrators, and support staff are aware that our new 6th graders may need additional time and support the first week of school to better acclimate to middle school and are prepared to lend a helping hand.

 As an additional support, Candlewood and West Hollow middle schools will be open to any student and parent interested in visiting their new middle school prior to the first day of school on Friday September 2nd between 8:00a.m. and 1:00p.m. This is not a drop-off event and there will be no formal presentation.  

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